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There are many paid dating websites that still aren't up to par with the services offered by free online dating sites like fresh

Technology should help communications but clearly in dating often does not!

Just think of how easy it is to misread a text or email or facebook message, and then throw dating into the mix to make it worse! Welcome to Plenty EDating where we hope to help with the more modern aspects of dating. Online dating: Almost all women claim they hate it, and most men fail miserably and hence hate it. Whether you are communication with a 60 year old grandpa or grandma (who texts with her grandkids) or an 18 year old college freshman, you need to get the basics.

You can poke around and read more about us, but let’s just say we are a male and female duo, best friends since we were in diapers, but both (most of the time) single. We are experts at dating, or at least have done it seemingly forever, and hope to eventually meet the perfect mate and live happily ever after. Ladies, your knight in shining armor may be showing up online instead of on a white horse these days so “adjust” your fairytale to modern times. Social media: Yup, a lot of relationships start on social media.

We write primarily about communications in dating using technology. And guys, the “secret” as if there really is one, is send out 5-10 messages a day, in other words “work it! And even if they don’t, a lot of communications, whether advertent or inadvertent, happen via social media.

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    For many women these days, it’s not “He’s just not that into you” that’s the problem.

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