Garth brooks dating trisha yearwood

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The story of their first meeting isn’t nearly as romantic as the rest of their courtship. Brooks said last year that songwriter Kent Blazy introduced the two of them in 1987, two years before the future superstar would release his first album on Capitol Records.

Both were just unsigned demo singers, and that’s what they were doing in Blazy’s attic studio on that fateful day.

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Garth and Trisha first met in 1987, 13 months after Brooks married his college sweetheart, Sandy Mahl.Now I can admit the songs on this album capture parts of the roller coaster emotional ride called my life.“ She pauses, then continues.“But I didn’t make this record so someone will go ’She’s had such a hard year. Poor Trisha.’ Though people will read more into the lyrics than is really there, you definitely choose songs by how you feel at the time.“ Sitting in a Nashville office this spring afternoon, she’s chic in a sleek black turtleneck and black jeans.“I’m just laying my life out there,” says Trisha Yearwood.“It’s kind of like walking naked through the streets.“ Trisha is talking about her own personal evolution.

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