Samantha mathis dating river phoenix

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Peter Bogdanovich: When we were preparing the film, we thought he was too big a name and that he wouldn't be interested since it's essentially written from a women's point of view.River wanted to sing in a film and this would give him a chance to sing.His death was a shock to his friends and fans alike.Phoenix’s life was a fascinating one, very different from a typical 23-year-old.

Heroin will make users lean when they stand still, but you almost never see them stumble and fall.” Also read: Joey Kovar of ‘Real World,’ ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Dead at 29 Forrest recalls Phoenix approaching him later, during a performance by Depp’s band P, and admitting that he might be undergoing an overdose.

You cast River Phoenix as a wayward kid- a kind of bad-boy-trying-to-turn-good in James Wright.

What originally drew you to River as the lead and how did you find working with him on your film?

This Halloween marks the 20th anniversary of River Phoenix’s shocking overdose at Johnny Depp’s LA nightclub.

Now one of the last people to see Phoenix alive that night recounts what happened.

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