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In Britain we have a Bonfire Night on the 5th November to remember the failed plot, where bonfires are lit and families have firework displays.

Traditionally people make scarecrows or Guy's and burn him in the bonfire.

Coldplay serves the lead single from their sixth studio album "Ghost Stories". The tranquil song was released on i Tunes and an audio video was uploaded on VEVO on March 3rd, 2014.

It will be followed-up by the LP "Ghost Stories" on May 19th.

Coldplay is an English rock band from London, England. I heard a tune by this band the other day on the radio... Very regular, without the histrionics of "rock stars"!!

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The ending yod would convert the softer vowel (not shown in classical Hebrew) to the harder 'ai' or long 'i'.

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I think it's because they come across as very likeable, 'almost' like the guy next door, or a guy who sat next to you in a class.

Because, to date, I don't know of any scandalous behavior associated with COLDPLAY, I predict that they will be another Phil Collins; everyone likes them, but, for some reason, are almost ashamed, or embarrassed to admit it... I think the reason behind that is that, again, for some reason, it's "uncool" to admit liking Phil Collins & I can see the same happening with COLDPLAY.

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